ello readers,

Our aim @ tolucop blog is to keep readers interested in social science subject, particularly political science, sociology, psychology with relevant essays on topic that are pressing in the academia.

I am an undergraduate of the University of Ibadan, studying Political science in the faculty of Social Science.

I have come across a lot of blogs and websites in the cause of our project or assignment and I have seen the need to fill in that gap because most of the websites have not cover some pressing topics in the academia or just gave a superficial analysis of the topic or issue at hand.

This has made me have a change of mind concerning the direction of my blog, I want to try to fill that vacuum in the social science academia alongside other bloggers like me online.

So I have decided to collaborate sometimes with my colleague to write on topics using “relevant social sciences lenses” to observe and anlayse topics and issues and give my readers the end result on the platter of gold.

So if you are a already a social science student or you want to be one soon, this is the right blog for you because we will be dropping loads of blog post in the nearest future that will help you in your assignment, project defense, or even deep understanding of issues in the academia.

I am also a vast reader and i have included the lifestyle section so that people can benefit from tips that i come across from my day to day “adventure”

With Love,

Olalere Oluwatobiloba.

Gmail: tolucop55@gmail.com

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