How A Guy Could Look More Attractive To A Lady

If you are asked what do you love the most? What would you say? I will be leaving some paragraphs below so that you can make your answer and I will tell you where most people get it wrong. NOTE: ANSWER THE QUESTION BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN. I know you might start mentioning some mundane stuff, … Read more

6 Financial Insights from 2023 Reads

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you some of the financial advice I learnt in 2023 from reading good books, watching finance podcast and becoming more financial aware than before which made me see some loopholes in my finance in the previous year. All these together have influenced my quest in making … Read more

My Academic Growth Journey and What I Stumbled On.

My first-semester exam in my third year at the University was an eye-opening experience for me and this was because I was able to stretch myself beyond my usual lackadaisical limit concerning my studies. I was part of the students who tended to save their ego by reeling out the inadequacy of the school facilities … Read more